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What else can acupuncture treat?

Nearly thirty years of experience treating patients of all ages and types has taught me never to underestimate acupuncture's power to heal. Given the human body's incredible and amazing capacity to heal itself, recover from injury, and restore internal balance when properly supported and aided, there may be no conditions that cannot benefit to some degree from acupuncture treatment.

In my experience the conditions most successfully treated have been, stress and depression, chronic pain, allergies, back, shoulder and hip pains, and headaches of all kinds. All types of injuries benefit from acupuncture which speeds healing and aids in the return to normal function as quickly as possible. Many of the symptoms of PMS are very amenable to acupuncture treatment, as are the abdominal pains from endometriosis.

Any person that desires to experience the greatest possible health, or who feels as if they have fallen through the cracks of the medical system after being examined, analyzed, and treated by the panoply of allopathic medicine without success, should seek an experienced Doctor of Oriental Medicine for evaluation and treatment. The effects of Oriental Medicine's arsenal are often subtle, but profound, and any patient that is willing to work hard and participate in the cause of their own health and recovery will find an able partner in a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, and can expect positive results that will affect every aspect of their physical, mental, and emotional lives.-Dr. Dinsmore

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