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Integrative Medicine For Mental Health


     Acupuncture medicine recognizes the intimate relationship between body, mind and spirit. Emotional states affect the functioning of internal organs, and healthy organs generate healthy emotions.


     Acupuncture medicine also has unique methods and models of evaluating mental and emotional conditions and correlating them with organ functions. Five element and constitutional types are ways of evaluating personality and the organic origins of distress.


     Diet and exercise are powerful ways to affect mental and emotional issues and proper changes can facilitate holistic counseling and increase the effectiveness of traditional psychotherapy.  Recent discoveries about the mind-gut connection prove the importance of proper diet.


     Dr. Dinsmore is a Certified Integrative Mental Health Provider and an experienced holistic counselor.

We live in challenging times, if you are suffering from anxiety or depression consider a holistic approach!


We offer a safe, confidential environment for you

to give voice to your innermost concerns and

restore a healthy balance to your life!

Non-judgmental, multidisciplinary approaches

to emotional wellness.

Effective, comprehensive, holistic treatment for PTSD

and Anxiety-Depression Syndromes.


Telemedicine Video Visits Now Available!

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