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Some studies indicate that as many as 60-90% of visits to ‘health care professions’ are for stress-related conditions!

Most of us live under constant mental pressure, continually triggering the stress response and depleting valuable reserves of energy. Those who surpass individual limits of stress suffer the consequences. Stress manifests itself in many ways. Common symptoms are headache, backache, skin disorders, gastric problems and sleeping disorders. Psychological symptoms may include depression, anxiety, poor concentration, poor memory and loss of self confidence. There is mounting evidence that chronic stress can lead to long term health problems, such as hair loss, strokes, asthma, skin conditions, high blood pressure, heart disease irritable bowel syndrome, etc.

Acupuncture is primarily concerned with regulating the individual’s life force, the body energy or ‘Qi’. It has a number of beneficial physiological effects. Acupuncture has a relaxation response with decreased heart rate, lowered blood pressure, stress reduction and increased energy and tissue regeneration.

It has been shown to produce a calming or tranquilizing action that is of particular value to people in states of stress. Acupuncture can relieve feelings of anxiety and depression, which may be serious handicaps for people trying to cope with difficult domestic, social and work problems. It can give a person a feeling of well-being and self-confidence.

It is an effective substitute for sleeping pill, tranquilizers, and antidepressant drugs. Acupuncture can be used in many cases not only as an alternative to these drugs but also to treat side effects and dependence. In fact a number of patients have come for acupuncture treatment specifically to reduce or eliminate their antidepressants.

Acupuncture offers an effective and safe alternative to drugs.

Dr. Richard Dinsmore, O.M.D., has over twenty years experience successfully treating stress, anxiety, depression and other mental and emotional conditions. Experience counts!

Back Pain

Back pain has a variety of causes, including poor posture and poor body mechanics. For example, standing for long periods of time or sitting incorrectly can cause back pain. Engaging in certain sports often carries a risk of back injury.

Low back pain is often associated with heavy physical work, lifting or forceful movement, bending or twisting, or awkward positions.

You may even have a back injury and not know it until a stressful movement aggravates the condition.

Uncommon—but serious—causes of back pain include infections, tumors, and fractures.

Don’t ignore back pain, see a medical professional if your pain persists.

Many patients with chronic back pain have found relief with safe, painless, drug-free acupuncture treatment as an alternative to surgery, even after everything else has failed!

Dr. Richard Dinsmore has over twenty years of experience evaluating and treating chronic and acute back pain, as well as workplace and auto injuries. A frequent expert witness in medical-legal cases Dr. Dinsmore works with some of San Diego’s leading Attorneys.   Experience counts!

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